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- an artist who dribbles in game graphics, storyboards, illustrations, books and comics.
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I illustrate for web, advertising, books and magazines, draw comics and do storyboarding, and last but not least, I simply LOVE character design.

I work mainly in three different styles which I call Plastic, Chibi and Artsy. Doodles is my blog, sometimes with text entries, sometimes sketches. Nothing fancy.

Clients include Thelma|Louise (film production), Yasuragi Spa,  Historiska museet (The National Historical Museum), Foodie (social media), Andersson & Jourdan design (design and advertising), Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education), NetEntertainment (game developers), GameJane (skill gaming site), Wahlströms bokförlag (publisher) and Otava (another publisher).